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Title: NMIA Airports Limited - Emergency Response Exercise (AERO 2013)
Date: Sunday 07 th April, 2013

Details: NMIA Airports conducts an Emergency Response Exercise (AERO 2013) at Norman Manley International Airport, Palisadoes on Thursday, 18 APRIL.

Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) will be conducting a Full-scale Emergency Simulation Exercise on Thursday, 2013 April 18. This exercise (simulated aircraft accident) will be conducted at the NMIA East Airfield between 08: 00 am and 02: 30 pm. The exercise is billed “AERO 2013” (Airport Emergency Response Operation).All related activities will be staged on the property of NMIA and supported by five offsite medical facilities. Regular airport activities will proceed as normal during the exercise.

NMIA is mandated by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Act and Regulations, in keeping with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Convention, to conduct full-scale airport emergency exercises biennially. Multiple emergency response agencies, including the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Jamaica Defence Force, JDF Air Wing and JDF Coast Guard, Jamaica Constabulary Force, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management and the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, among others, will join the NMIA Emergency Services in testing and evaluating the Airport Emergency Plan (AEP).

The “AERO 2013” scenario will involve a simulated on-airport aircraft accident with safety and security hazard components using a simulated Boeing 777-200 aircraft with 140 “crew” and “passengers”. Multi-agency response units from the Kingston and St Andrew (Corporate Area) will participate in the exercise which will incorporate life saving and extrication techniques, triage coordination, aviation security crisis intervention activities and psychological support. The interactions/ coordination among agencies will be evaluated using performance based objectives. The over 40 agencies/departments and approximately 420 participants include students from various schools within the airport catchment area, NMIAL staff and other airport workers and volunteers who will assist the emergency responders by role playing passengers and crew on the aircraft. The participants will be “assigned” injuries consistent with the exercise scenario and moulaged to simulate and illustrate the extent of the injuries. Briefing sessions to sensitize controllers, evaluators, volunteers, observers and the media on exercise objectives, exercise scenario, rules of play, evaluation methodology and evaluation forms, as necessary, have been conducted over the last three months. Further and more specific instructions and directions will be provided to each volunteer immediately before the exercise starts.

The exercise will not affect air travel or airport operations and will last approximately six hours. It will be officially terminated when all of the “objectives are met” and the “accident scene investigation” are complete. The general public will have access to airport services and facilities at all times but may experience minor detours for which appropriate roadway signage and directions will be provided. |

Media enquiries regarding AERO 2013 / Norman Manley International Airport may be directed to Alfred McDonald at: (876) 919-7320 or Grace Morrison at: (876) 316- 6853


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